Your MP for Rhondda

I am proud to be re-elected as your Member of Parliament for the Rhondda!

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What I’m fighting for

Put you in charge of Brexit
Sort Brexit once and for all by putting the best deal possible to you, the people, for the final say.

Get a fair deal for Wales
End the bias towards London and the South East of England, bring jobs to the Valleys, revitalise our town centres, improve our local railways and buses.

Make work pay
A real living wage and a crack down on bad employers not paying the minimum wage

Tackle the climate emergency
Get tough on the polluters, stop plastic ruining our world, end fracking, cut carbon emissions and kickstart a Green Industrial Revolution.

Our future in our hands
Bring the railways and the energy companies back into public hands, keep the NHS public and give workers a proper pay rise.

The Tories have failed us

Cuts upon cuts upon cuts
They have slashed every budget to the bone, cut 20,000 police, kept wage rises lower than prices and forced working families to rely on food banks.

Wasted our money
They have given tax cuts to the rich, let multinationals avoid tax altogether and wasted £7 billion on crazy no-deal Brexit plans.

Forgetting older people
They have cancelled free TV licences for 3,060 over 75s households in the Rhondda and suddenly denied 1950s women their fair pensions.

Our safety at risk
They’ve slashed millions from the defence budget, cut the armed forces and failed to give them a proper pay rise.

Handing our future to Trump
The Tories are obsessed with doing a deal with Trump, which means handing our NHS over to big US corporations.